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  • 2 Post By robamacaf
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    I went to AT&T and picked up a black camera grip (for my yellow phone) since they didn't have any that matched. The black on yellow actually looks pretty cool though.

    It feels VERY nice in my hand. The weight of the grip on the phone is very nice. A lot of other cases are all about being small and thin and light but the camera grip is made to be the opposite. It just feels good! While holding it there is almost zero feeling that I will drop it, even if I swing it around (I've tried). I don't know if I'll leave the case on all the time but even if I do it goes into and out of the pocket quite easily even though it's a bit thick.

    With the case on, it uses the battery in the case to charge the phone FIRST. Then once the battery in the case is completely gone, it switches to the battery in your phone. It has a nice little button on it that you can press and LEDs light up to show you how charged it is.

    There is a connection on the bottom to attach almost any tripod and I used it on my Gorilla tripod and it connected easily and stayed put.

    I'm not sure how long it takes for the grip to charge up since I just received it 2-3 hours ago but so far I have come to the conclusion that it is an amazing little thing if you bought the lumia to take photos. I got it for 59.99 at AT&T

    As a side note, I can also stand the phone up vertically by using the case (big bulge of case on the bottom) and it almost acts like a 'dock' stand, which is how I have it sitting on my desk right now.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  2. Muessig's Avatar

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    I'd love to hear your experience of using the grip when taking photos and whether you feel it is truly useful and improves your pictures. Really glad to see you're happy with it though!
  3. Dheinle's Avatar

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    Do you know if it will fit with the wireless charging cover installed?

  4. husslord's Avatar

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    For me, I have used the grip once so far....the extra battery did wonders!!! I am still playing with the settings, I was able to get some great video (concert) and moving pics, some good some bad!! But I think its more the user and how well they r at settings and what not. But still was easy to hold with one hand and so far seems to be a good investment but with my black 1020 you gotta be careful and patient removing the grip, it will show slight stress marks on the top of the phone where the grip is tight, but only notable in light.
  5. bradbamford's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dheinle View Post
    Do you know if it will fit with the wireless charging cover installed?
    I doubt it. I get my phone and grip today, but I'm going to try to hack it to somehow work.
    I assume you can install the wireless charging internally like the 925 hack, has anyone attempted this on the 1025?
  6. pavvento's Avatar

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    I'm looking forward to getting mine. I think there is an option to turn off the battery charger so it is there when you need it.

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