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    Can anyone help me find the drivers, I connected my Lumia 1020, here's what appears to me as soon as I connect it to the pc with windows 7.

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    Did you try to search for drivers on Windows Update?
  3. Roberto Erisi's Avatar

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    Nothing !
  4. T Moore's Avatar

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    The driver is loaded when you connect the phone, all four of them.
    With Win 7 and 8 - Connect the phone and uninstall the two items in the device manager related to the phone. Disconnect the phone and turn it all the way off. Connect it to the PC . The phone will turn on becuse it is charging. Drivers will load. This takes a while.
    You should have the phone in portable devices in device manager and the phone with five folders in windows explorer.
  5. Roberto Erisi's Avatar

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    my friend !!! still one

  6. T Moore's Avatar

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    Then you will need to go through these solutions. Windows Phone 8 is not detected by your computer
    Windows Phone 8 is not detected by your computer
  7. Juha Salo's Avatar

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    Big thanks for the instructions! Shutting down the phone before connecting solved my problems :-)
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    I have updated my windows 8, to windows 8.1 and can't connect my Lumia 1020 to computer.

    I have tried going through the device it will not add. I have deleted stuff to try and add it but cant find the device. I have turned phone off and this has not worked nothing installs.

    I am getting pretty annoyed now as I have not got any space left on my mobile.

    what can I do?
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    Here for you!
  10. vjvyju's Avatar

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    Hi, im experiencing the same problem now. I faced the 909 error on a different computer yesterday but still my mob could be charged. Today i tried connecting my device to the another laptop now it is saying USB malfunctioned. Im not able to see my phone on the devices page. Please help me by giving me the instructions to proceed. I have tried soft reset with my phone attached to my computer but it dint work. Thank you.

    The Unkown device keeps blinking. Appears and then disappears and repeats the same way.
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    if you are using win 8.1 pro N or KN then many programs will need the library file MFReadWrite.dll Google for it

    for sure you will need the program: Windows Phone App for Desktop

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