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    Hi all, when using the camera with a sd card inserted, the camera takes 3 secs lag when i press the button to actually take the pic. Then after the first photo taken, the rest of the photos I take are normal speed. I have try to set save photo setting to both phone or sd card, same results. But when i take out the sd card, no issues at all. Can someone insert a sd card, wait 10 mins and take a photo to confirm? thanks.
  2. Pulserider's Avatar

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    Make sure you have a high speed sd card, like a Class 10 (This will show on the sd card sticker for example) otherwise you will have these kind of issues if the sd card is too slow.
  3. jtsmak's Avatar

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    yes, but after the first photo taken, the rest of the photos are normal speed. problem exists even when I set save to phone while sd card is inserted.
    OS issues? it seems it is trying to decide if save to phone or sd card.
    Anyone give it a try, insert a sd card but set save photo to phone and see if your camera lags for the first photo u take using the shutter button. thanks.
  4. Martin Y's Avatar

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    Yes, I can confirm I have exactly the same problem with my 520 and SanDisk class 10 SD card. When I take a photo, even though I half press the shutter button so the camera's focussed, when I press the shutter fully it takes up to 2.5 seconds to actually take the picture.

    And yes, it does the same thing whether I save the picture to the phone or the SD card.

    <edit to add> I should have said: without the SD card installed there's no appreciable shutter delay.
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    I have a 720 and 520 at the moment, and previously owned a 620 for a few months. This exact same problem happens on all 3 of the devices with a 32GB sandisk class 10. First photo takes ages with the MicroSD inserted, whether saving to phone or not, subsequent photos have no delay.
  6. jtsmak's Avatar

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    thanks everyone confirming that it is probably OS issues!!
  7. chancooluk's Avatar

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    Hi. My 520 has been updated to GDR2 and I can confirm that the camera lag bug has been resolved. The first picture is now taken instantly with an sd card inserted. Also noticed another bug which caused AAC music files to pause every few minutes has been fixed.

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