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    Is there anything like this available at sale? I like to do the effects in the pictures so I often need something more precise than a finger
    Or if anyone knows if I can use stylus from some other phones?
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    You should be able to use any stylus designed for capacitive touch screens
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    I use a steel telescopic pointer. It looks like a radio antenna. The end is blunt, smooth and bullet shaped. I wrapped the end with some scotch tape just in case.

    You can use anything steel because of the super senstive screen. For the Lumia 920, I've seen demonstrations using a key. On the 520, I think there's a youtube video with someone using a knife. You don't necessarily need a stylus designed for capacitive screens, although those will work. They're very cheap on eBay.
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    I have an old Samsung with a stylus that has a plastic tip. It doesn't work until I turn it around and use the metal end. I have a skinomi screen protector so I wasn't concerned about trying it.

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