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    Last Week, I Bought My New Nokia Lumia 520 I like it so much and I love the windows phone OS a lot it is very fast and very responsive but the official Facebook app from Microsoft is very bad!!! it lacks a lot of new features and it's very buggy and there's no any improvements or updates to it from Microsoft. For example every time I share Post from any page it gives me this error:


    So I wanted to Ask Do you have the same problem? or Is this my problem only as a result of choosing something wrong? and How to fix this?

    By the way, I wanted to ask was GDR2 update released for unlocked Nokia Lumia 520 or not??

    Sorry for my Bad English
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    is this the Facebook app or the Facebook Beta app?
  3. Yousri Ahmed's Avatar

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    I installed both and tried sharing using them and both didn't share
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    It should be working on the beta app, Unless you didn't update it yet
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    How is your privacy settings setup on your Facebook profile? Could be that your security settings on your Facebook profile is blocking your phone? It will be worth to have a look there aswell.
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    you're doing good to even get the freaking app to open! I can't get it to open at all!! I click and it just ignores my click!
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    I just avoid Facebook app unless I've to upload a picture. You can browse Facebook pretty well on IE.
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    Oh an old thread. Maybe the one who is reviving it better make another thread than this.

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    hello frndzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

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