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    Hello everyone....
    My lumia 520 can't download the storage check app. It doesn't appear anywhere, neither store nor settings.
    When i check into nokia betalabs site, they said my firmware version is different.
    What my phone has: 3046.0000.1329.2002
    Requirements: 1030.6407.1308.0000 and higher

    Anyone knows what's wrong? I'm indonesian and my phone has been updated to amber.
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    Hmm. If it's not in your settings, you should check the Beta track for Storage Check. I forgot the link, though.
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    You dont need a app for phone storage. It is a option which comes whit the phone os. Maybe there is something wrong with the phone, If you dont find it in Beta track you should do a phone reset
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    Does it let you install the official version?

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    i don't know whether it's the software problem or my phone, but it doesn't exist in my phone settings
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    I've figured it out guys, the problem is the storage check settings doesn't work in my country so i have to change the region into US, thanks for your help guys.

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