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    Our Lumia is fairly new(barely few months old), and from the past few days there is a very serious problem of battery drain. Even talking on the phone for few minutes (no wifi/data) drains the battery by 10%
    Even without using WIFI or DATA at all and few calls battery lasts 14-15 hours on full charge.
    Is there a way to start debugging.
    If not, maybe a factory reset will help. How to do factory reset.
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    It could be normal, I don't know, but it could also be a bad battery. If you want to do a factory reset, go to Settings => About => Reset phone.
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    not sure if it helps, but try shutting down one app at a time until you find which one is draining your battery ( if all else fails like the other guy said change your battery their very cheap)
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    Well, talking uses up a lot of battery. I have WiFi, Bluetooth, location and data on all of the time, but I don't make many calls and don't use things like Facebook. My battery lasts 2+ days.

    There are several free battery apps that will chart your usage. It might help determine when this is happening.
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    WhatsApp also drains out battery if you are using it,also please mention the total screen on time.,i browse net very heavy on my phone with WhatsApp,2 email a/c with synchronization,icq,couple of calls of approximately 20 min,it lasts for 15 hrs or less depends on the net usage on a given day.
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    Okay, I took out battery and re-insterted it. Problem solved.
    However, I would love to have a program like betterbatterystats of android which would actually tell me what is causing the wakelock.

    As for WhatsApp, its not even installed. None of the silly messenger programs are installed. Phone is used for calling, and web surfing and video watching.
    Social aspect is limited to facebook only.
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    Well there is battersense that is a paid app then there is battery pro+,you will have to do a bit of searching in stores,also i do also take out the battery once in a week for say 10 min.(its actually written in the manual to take out battery whenever possible for better performance hehe..).

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