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    I just wanted to post about an issue I had and the resolution. I came from the Samsung Focus to now using the Lumia 521 and wanted to use my 8Gb Micro SDHC card that was used in the Focus. I followed these steps to get it to work properly:

    Firstly, my Focus was rooted/unlocked. I followed the instructions here: How to unlock & revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7?

    They state to install Storage Lock application and use it to unlock the encryption on the sd card. I then removed the card from my Focus and put it into my Lumia 521 and it saw the card... but only as 200Mb!! WHAT???!!!

    I removed the card from the Lumia and put it into my micro sd slot on my computer. After installing MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition I could see the partitions and delete them. I did so and created one new large partition as FAT32 according to the instructions on the Lumia discussion board and was all excited to use it in my Lumia. I placed it into the Lumia and booted up but it was stuck at boot on the Nokia logo and didn't go any further! I finally found the answer to my woes. After trying different partition types, removing all partitions, etc... I noticed that when I was creating a partition it was creating as a logical partition and not a primary partition. After creating a primary partition as FAT32 and the full size of the card I put it back into my Lumia 521 and viola! it booted up normally, notified me that it saw a new sd card and asked if I would like to use it to store pictures, music and videos on. I went into settings and saw that it was listed as being 7.38Gb! I hope this helps someone as it took me a while to figure this out.
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    Thanks for the info. Is there any advice on the type or make of card. Does the card slow down the camera?

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