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  • 1 Post By Dustin Hodges
  1. calfee20's Avatar

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    The whole reason behind T-Mobile and Wi-Fi calling was to get rid of my land line. Well I have been holding back and it may be a good thing because of something I have noticed. For me Wi-Fi calling only connects when I turn on the phone and unlock the screen. If I am out of range of Wi-Fi and then return to a hot spot Wi-Fi calling will not connect until I turn on and unlock the screen. How long in the hotspot does not matter. My son-in-law called and it didn't go through so he called on my landline. I checked my 521 and it said no service "I have poor coverage at my house". The Wi-Fi calling square was blue and while I watched it turned green and my coverage said Wi-Fi calling. I will have to call customer service................calfee
  2. Aadarsh Modi's Avatar

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    I Think you should try Viber for wifi calling or similar apps int the store have a go through the store
  3. speedtouch's Avatar

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    If you leave your phone on the charger WiFi will remain connected, thus ensuring WiFi Calling.
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    Check your wifi calling settings. Mine is set to Wifi preferred and it connects shortly after getting within range of WiFi.
  5. kmoc777's Avatar

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    WiFi calling issues. I feel your pain. Mt wife and I have varying issues with WiFi calling enabling or sometimes not enabling. Most of the time it takes 3-5 minutes to enable, sometimes it will take up to 20 minutes, and other times it wont enable at all. I know from experience that turning the airplane mode on and off will get WiFi calling to enable very quickly, around 15 to 30 seconds.
    I have also noticed that it will occasionally not enable with the lock screen on. On those occasions, I will keep the phone awake and watch it go through the gyrations of enabling WiFi calling: Blue tile, red tile, blue tile, red tile, blue tile, green tile, blue tile and then finally GREEN tile!
    T Mobile has NO idea about the situation, so don't waste your time there. They told me that WiFi calling is never supposed to automatically connect and the toggling the Airplane mode on/off was the standard way of enabling WiFi calling. Nice. This is, I guess, a combo of hardware and software. Nokia and Microsoft need to fix the inconsistency associated with WiFi calling.
  6. Smyrna5's Avatar

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    On my 521, my WiFi Calling tile is always blue. Do I need to do something to make it change colors?
  7. mill3nnium's Avatar

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    After the recent update i have issues with wi-fi calling until i factory reset my nokia 521 went back to normal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smyrna5 View Post
    On my 521, my WiFi Calling tile is always blue. Do I need to do something to make it change colors?
    Blue means its not connected. You either have your wifi off, youre not connected to wifi, wifi calling is off, or you have your settings set to "cellular preferred".

    Red means there was an error connecting. Usually due to slow and/or incompatible wifi, or not registering your 911 address online with tmobile.

    Green means connected.

    I am unsure whether the icon in the app list changes colors, but the live tile does.
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  9. Smyrna5's Avatar

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    My tile has never changed color, but I am pretty sure I have been on WiFi calling, since the call quality changes tremendously and my bars jump from 1 to 4 or 5 when I turn it on. My tile does say WiFi Calling on it when I turn on WiFi calling though. I registered my 911 address long ago so I could do UMA WiFi calling on my Blackberry 8320.

    My WiFi is always on. I have WiFi calling turned on, set to "WiFi preferred," and except when I am having problems, my WiFi quality and speed is very good. If I go outside and talk on the regular network, the tile just says "T-Mobile." When I come inside it autuomatically connects and the text changes to "WiFi Calling," but it stays blue. It has never been red.

    I've had some trouble with my WiFi calling in the past, when my router was too close to my Wifi router. There was lots of echo and horrible sound. On those occasions I had to turn WiFi calling off until I took care of the WiFi problems.
  10. Smyrna5's Avatar

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    OK. I think I figured it out. Apparently my WiFi tile was an old one from before the Amber update. I deleted it and re-pinned it from the App. It how has a different picture and is green when WIFi calling is turned on :) Thanks Dustin.
    But now, I've got to pin the regular phone button, so I can call when the WiFi is off. Not sure I need two phone buttons though, even if one does turn green.
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    "2 phone buttons" WiFi calling tile launches WiFi calling settings, not the phone
  12. Smyrna5's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin Hodges View Post

    "2 phone buttons" WiFi calling tile launches WiFi calling settings, not the phone
    Yes. That was confusing, sorry. What I was trying to say was that I originally did not have the WiFi button pinned (only the phone button). I was turning on WiFi calling from the Apps screen so it didn't ever turn green, but my phone button always had text telling me if it was on or off. Its all good now, and behaves as you say. I got confused hearing you talk about the WiFi button and thought it was the phone button, which it is not. Sorry if I confusted everyone else. Here's my what my screen looks like now with the two buttons side-by-side. I will probably just unpin the WIFi Calling tile, since I almost never turn it off.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wp_ss_20130825_0003.jpg 
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Size:	65.5 KB 
ID:	41234
    Last edited by Smyrna5; 08-25-2013 at 07:51 AM.

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