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    Having just opened the New Argos Spring/Summer 2013 Catalogue I read the SIM Free section for Mobile Phones, where it duly states the NOKIA Lumia 620 SIM Free (no colour specified) will be released on 4th February for 249.99 (see attached photo)!

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    Seems a bit steep.

    Argos aren't known for being price competitive on phones though, so it bodes relatively well. Hoping for under 200.
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    It's interesting that Argos have quoted a Release Date of February 4th....I wonder if this is accurate?

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    Well actually on their website they have two listings for the phone, and they both seem to be SIM-free...
    This one has it at 199 - Buy 3 Nokia Lumia 620 Mobile Phone at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Mobile phones.

    I have no idea which one is meant to be the actual one :/
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    I'm guessing that the 199 one is a payg handset that's locked to the 3 (three) network, as it says '3 Nokia Lumia 620' in the title.

    The listing also specifies: This handset must be purchased with 10 airtime, this will automatically be added to your transaction in store.
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    Nokia Lumia 620 is 149.99 PAYG on O2 Website. I ordered at this price

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