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    By now the new Family member of the Lumias seems to be on everybody's lips but is it good enough to be remembered tomorrow?
    With reduced specs compared to ist older brothers, the Lumia 620 could drive users into compromises in the future (within 2 years since this is the current lifetime cycle of a smartphone) for example not being able to install certain Software or updates that are crippling the device (iphone). Even Microsoft says that future features may not be available on devices with less than 1GB of RAM. On top of that Windows Phone is a quite young platform that is still evolving and growing and maybe not even Microsoft can tell where it will be in the future especially hardware-wise. On the other hand Nokia proved that it can deliver software updates on low end phones like the lumia 610 without rendering them unusable, quite the opposite, they make them even more feature rich and smooth.
    What do you think? Is the Lumia 620 worth buying for a 2 year lifetime cycle or should people opt out for a 720 which has (probably) 1GB of RAM?
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    It's a budget phone so compromises are made, if you want something with more current specs, get the phone with 1GB. Remember some apps wont work unless the phone has 1GB
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    The 620 has 1gb of ram.
  4. wawilkinson's Avatar

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    Nope, the 620 does only have 512MB but a phone that has so many features and strong hardware for circa 150-200 outright...it's a no-brainer!

    Even if you used it for a year and chop it in for the next iteration...it still makes commercial sense!!
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    I dont get the fuss with it only having 512MB of memory. The iPhone 4 has 512mb and Ive had that for 2 years and it works fine with every app Ive got. I bet the 620 will do the same, high end games yes it may stuggle but other than that I think its pretty future proof. It would be shocked if WP9 has a minimum spec of 1gb. 512mb may be the minimum but it wont be 1gb.
  6. Jonatz's Avatar

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    i think i am worried BECAUSE there are competitors like apple. its no secret that older phones are downgraded with updates (i had to experience that myself with an iphone 3g :( )
  7. perspicatio's Avatar

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    I have a 620 and a 920. The 620 has run everything I've thrown at it without issue. It's 90% of the 920 for 1/4 the money.

    The salient differences for me are, larger screen and better camera. The rest is splitting hairs and window dressing.
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    Bought myself a Lumia 920, and my dad a Lumia 620. As stated above, the 620 is more than good enough. It's fast, fluid and very responsive. You wouldn't notice any difference with the 920 unless you were comparing them side by side (except for the screen and camera). As for the future proofing part, I guess that you shouldn't worry: if there was a compatibility issue, MS would have launched two groups of phones like when they launched the Tango phones (610 for example).
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    The Blink app already requires 1GB of RAM. At which point I decided I didn't need it. It only seems to take snapshots from video anyway.

    I'm not concerned. I think that mid-range phones like this will out-number the top end ones and therefore it will be in everyone's interest to keep them supported for long enough not to annoy the customers (ie over 2 years).
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    620 is value for money.

    Bang for a buck!

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