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    Hello guys.

    This thread is for persons who own a lumia 620 and wish to post a review.

    So go ahead. Post your reviews and please make it as detailed as you can.

    You'll be of help to the community :)

    Yash Shah
  2. Technoloay's Avatar

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    Alright; here's my review:

    I'm a Nokia Lumia 620 User since 01/02/13; I came from Samsung Galaxy Wonder. It, in addition to Windows Phone (a new user), satisfied me, unlike Android (None has satisfied me as this lumia did).
    I wanted to go for the 920 actually, but it makes no sense to try a new OS for that price! So, I decided to pick up a cheaper alternative. I was confused between the HTC 8S and the Lumia 620, but the internal storage of the HTC 8S drove me away from it and straight to the 620, especially with the 'other' storage problem - more on that later.

    First impression: Great. It was easy to set it up. The phone doesn't lag whatsoever. I knew that the store doesn't have that much apps, but I'm a light user after all - facebook/ twitter/ whatsapp/ etc. This impression lasted a few days, until,..

    After a few days: The phone is still great. No Android phone lasted with this impression for this amount of time - it usually goes down because of lag. Bugs started to appear in the device and in windows phone; such as one-ear headphones output*, display freezes sometimes**, display glitches*, battery sometime loses chunks of charge for no reason (lost 10% in 5 minutes)*, 2 random reboots (till now), delay in displaying some stuff (but no lag), etc. I'm very happy to go with the 620 instead of the 920 because of these bugs and glitches. For the 'other' storage problem, the internet makes it a big deal while actually it isn't (except for the HTC 8S and other phones with REALLY low internal storage). Why?
    • I'm done with all my apps and maps. I still have 2.5 GB free with 2 GB of other. Isn't a big deal for me.
    • Other freed up half a gigabyte today. It wasn't worrying though.
    For me, I'd live with this half-baked phone and OS rather than going with android. BTW: I was shocked of Nokia's recent hardware quality! It used to be better.
    * A restart will most of the time solve it.
    ** Pressing the power button will solve it.

    Impressions on windows phone, since I'm a new user:
    • The integration of all your accounts is a plus for the system.
    • The apps cover the basics indeed. However, the quality of these apps isn't that good. I'm good with them anyways.
    • The OS has some bugs and glitches, I believe. Updates shall fix 'em, so It isn't a big deal, neither. I knew that from the beginning, that's why I didn't go with the 920.
    • The OS really needs some major and minor features, like a notification center, for example.

    Impressions on the device itself:
    • I thought that Nokia still has that quality in hardware. Seems not.
    • Features for the price is way too good. Thanks Nokia.
    • Although its made from plastic (polycarbonate i believe), it is better than samsung's hardware IMO.
    • It charges fully in 1.5 hours. That's amazing!

    Ratings and recommendations:
    • Display: 8/10 - Sunlight readability is good.
    • Camera: 8/10 - Night shots are better than Galaxy S2 without flash, for example.
    • Speaker: 7/10 - Distorts after 25/30.
    • Touch response: 8/10 - Compared to other midrange/ low end android phones. It is not as good as 820/ 920 of course.
    • Battery life: 8/10 - Good standby time: 20% loss in 8 hours of standby with wifi on and auto brightness.
    • Internet Browsing using IE10: 9/10 - It is THAT good.

    What's next for me? If I was ever to change my phone again, it's either an iPhone or Windows phone (if it got properly updated).

    Do I recommend this phone? Yes I do. At least they won't get a better experience with similarly priced android smartphones ^.^
    Sorry for any grammar/ spelling mistakes - English isn't my first language.
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  3. Devashish Purandare's Avatar

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    I thought that Nokia still has that quality in hardware. Seems not.
    Can you elaborate?
  4. Technoloay's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devashish Purandare View Post
    Can you elaborate?
    Well, for example, the shell doesn't fit well on the device - the 'headphones' side is slightly bumped upwards. There is also a bevel around the device (not from the shell) where dust fills up. Its more like quality check than actual quality loss - I don't care about these two points that I mentioned.

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