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    I have a HTC Trophy 7 with 7.8 on it. I don't use the phone as an actual phone, just for gaming!

    I'm looking for a cheap WP8 and I can get the 620 for 140 from my provider.

    I'm really tempted about this as it will mean I can play all the Nokia exclusive games and obviously WP8 games.

    Will the device be alright for games ?
    What size is it compared to my HTC Trophy 7 ?

    Thanks, Sam!
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    No... it only have 512 ram which is not really enough because now there's game that require 1gb ram.
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    With only 512 ram I would say no.
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    If you're into heavy 3D games, no
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    Not a good phone for games. A different OS would be better for games. Not too many games on the windows platform
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    512 MB RAM on WP8 means more restrictions and playing heavy games (Such as NFS Hot Pursuit) can be a little bit laggy at times.
    Would recommend the Lumia 820. Take a look on the phone.
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    Ok guys.

    Thanks for your input.

    As for other OS, i like the Xbox Live integration. I use my Blackberry for day to day stuff, just WP for some good games!

    Ill have to see how much some of the betters ones are on PAYG.


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