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    hi i turned the data pack so the phone dosen't recive or send out 3G and i left it there hours later when i tried to turn it on nothing showed so i figured the battery died so i plugged the phone to the chargeer and it showed a battery with one red block and a cable picture flashing and left it for and hour and when i came back it was the same i tried to turn it on and it did not turn on i tired the soft reset and hard reset and nothing happend i also tried the Nokia Software Updater for Retail but it says that my windows vista is adequate any help thanks.
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    The red battery with icon usually means your battery is too low for the phone to power on. Leave it on charge and after a while it should come up. If not, you probably have a bad battery.
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    Please take a look to this thread: Lumia 620 inexplicably given up...
    The description of the problem is similar, I hope it helps you.

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