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    I'm going to a festival next week and don't have a memory card yet for my 620, I am planning on wiping everything that isn't important off it so I can film some acts

    How long roughly could I record for? If nobody knows I'd be willing to test it but also wondered how hot the sensor may get if used for long periods of time
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    I'd advise you to buy a memory card of 16/32 Gigs to avoid disappointments, even a small 1 minute video (in 1080p) could eat up as much as 100-115 megs, 720 should be closer, I think a 30 minute video is around 800MB or so?. Since you are recording on the phone (5+/- Gigs Available), you may end up with no memory left after 2-2.75 hours or so~!
    Enjoy your festival and let your phone witness it , buy a memory card for a few more quids and I'm sure you'll be a happy camper :)
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    Thanks for your reply, that's is fairly long tbh I was expecting less. I just want to film each act I watch for 5-10 minutes so it should be adequate. Can't wait to put theses HAAC microphones through their paces
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    at 720p the video size is about 1.3 mb for 1sec video. So a 10min recording would take up about 800mb. So you do need a memory card.

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