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    Hey guys. Recently switched from an iPhone to a Nokia Lumia 920. I was browsing tonight and found a site selling a cheap 710 unlocked for 159.99 and free shipping.

    Nokia Lumia 710 Unlocked 4G Windows Smartphone w/ Wifi, GPS & 5MP Camera (White)

    Dont know if this phone is any good but figured id pass the savings on here!
  2. Marty Larsson's Avatar

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    This is over priced in my opinion, its running 7.8 so it will never get the update to WP8 don't get me wrong the phone is a great phone but you could get a 520 or 620 for a lower price, i sold my 710 for 40 pound to a friend and bought a 620 for 110 better bargains to be had on WP8.
  3. mikeyj1012's Avatar

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    Okay wasn't sure. I shop the site often and they usually have pretty good deals. I'm new to windows phone and the Lumia 920 is the only one I have owned. I will say I'm very impressed with both the build quality and functionality of the device.
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    While I like my 710 running WP7 and don't need newer apps, I agree with Marty that you're better off getting a Windows Phone 8 device.
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