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    Birthdays in new contacts added to my phone do not show in my windows live calendar nor on the phone calendar.
    Contacts added in my windows live account do not show birthdays in the calendar nor in the calendar on the phone.
    Birthdays imported from previous phone show in both.
    This is driving me crazy!!
    I have re-set the phone a number of time s now and Zune tells me that the phone is up to date.
    Help please
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    Hi there, are these birth dates added manually on the phone or taken from facebook? I have also had issues with birthdays. First facebook birthdays would not sync, so I had to manually edit them in Windows Live contacts. It might be worth a look to check individual contacts you have birthdays for, click edit and save, then check calendar to see if it syncs. That worked for facebook birthdays.

    When I tried adding birthdays from my phone, it would save and sync but would be a day in advanced on the calendar even though the date is set correctly in both Windows Live contacts and on my phone. This one seemed to resolve on it's own after a while so don't know about a fix.

    Finally you could try manually syncing your birthdays calendar on Windows Live. I used to get errors there too, so see if it happens to you too. I came across a thread on the Microsoft community forums I think, if you have a problem, then you might have to try contacting Microsoft support to look into your account.

    Hope you find a fix. Maybe others might be able to chime in.
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    I just actually did this today. Go to FB, Events, Settings, Export. A window will come up saying you can export to outlook, ical etc. There are 2 options, FB events (not necessary since WP already does this) and birthday. Right click on the birthday one, copy target (if you click on the link, it will open up your default email program - this is not what I wanted). Now go to hotmail/live/outlook and to your calendar. Subscribe, paste url (should be Facebook.com/ical and numbers/letters), save and your calendar should populate all your FB birthdays.

    Hope that helps! If you have trouble, let me know and I will try and help you out further.
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    I never thought to actually check FB and export it that way. I've had a few issues with Windows Live I thought it was the problem. If I haven't already synced all my FB birthdays, I would have given this a try. So I will keep this in mind thanks
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    Just noticed this happening on my phone.
    It was fine back on 7.5
    Not sure if the issue is related to 7.8 update or that's a coincidence and the issue is actually with the Live contact syncing.
    Nokia Lumia 1520
    Recently divorced from a long relationship with HTC devices
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeiChat View Post
    Just noticed this happening on my phone.
    It was fine back on 7.5
    Not sure if the issue is related to 7.8 update or that's a coincidence and the issue is actually with the Live contact syncing.
    Seems odd, but I'd assume it's a contact syncing issue and not a 7.8 issue. If you go into outlook/Hotmail.com, do the events show up there? Maybe you need to delete the FB calendar and re-subscribe?

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