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    Ok so i bought a used nokia lumia 800. Thought that every thing works fine and dandy. Then a couple of my friends got WP phones too and i noticed that they had an Xbox Live hub. I on the other hand didn't have it. I didn't worry about it too much, but then one day i tried to download a xbox live game (try). The game downloaded and installed but it was nowhere to be found. So i tried another and it was the same. And because of that i decided to reset my phone because i knew it was taking up my phone's space.

    After the reset my xbox live hub appeared and i thoght that was the end of my worries. But when i connected the phone to my windows live account the hub would simply disappear. Tried that a few times always the same story. After connecting to my windows live account it vanishes...

    So what can i do to keep my xbox live hub on my phone?
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    Do you have Games Hub? Check in the app list.
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    Yes I do. But the games that are xbox live are not in the list (tried to install smart glass and was not on the list).

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