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    I went to the T-mobile store today and got the Lumia for $449 + tax without a contract. I was going to buy it online from Microsoft and wanted to try it out first. Since it was the same price I decided to jump on it. Maybe a black Friday special.

    I'm still waiting for my micro sim to activate, but overall I like the phone. I was worried about the low screen resolution, but so far it hasn't been an issue. I would even go as far as saying the screen is beautiful, especially compared to my old phone which had the same resolution.
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    Good deal considering it costs between $549 to $599 at other retailers. Bought mine online from Microsoft and the shipping was fast. I'm also really liking the clearblack AMOLED screen. Looks amazing with the dark theme.
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    Anyone find a better off contract price?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmstrong View Post
    Anyone find a better off contract price?
    i doubt you'll find anything much better than that, tbh.
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    Well i hope my phone is legit off ebay, because i got it for 370.

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