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    So I have an 8GB Memory Card that is not showing the correct memory size.
    Originally when I brought it, I brought it on black friday with my Nook Tablet.
    I was trying to root the nook tablet(which reminds me of why I hate android...it's overly complicated lol)
    and somehow i think I formatted the SD card incorrectly.

    Now instead of showing 8GB memory free it shows 58.6 MB of 70.5 MB free

    Can this be fixed or is it beyond repair?
    I was thinking of just buying a 16 or 32 GB card anyway but i'd love to use my memory card i have now.
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    If you have a card reader you can try hooking it up to your local PC and re-formatting it, then when you insert it back into the phone re-reformat again. There might be some kind of locked file on the card.
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    Yeah i tried that and it still says 70 MB instead of 8gb.
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    sounds like you have to use a re-partition tool to delete whatever partition you created for your tablet from there reformatting the card should bring back the original size
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    Trying to deal with SD cards in Windows isn't the easiest thing. I would HIGHLY recommend that you download the FREE version of MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition and use it to explore and work with the SD card.

    I just got my 64Gb SD card tonight, popped into my laptop first and noticed that the numbers for free space was off a bit. Looked at the card from Windows Disk Manager and notice there was a 64Mb partition that I couldn't access. Looking at the packaging, it "included an Android app" for backups. Great, like I need that! I'm guessing that's where they put the app. The only way I could delete all the partitions and create just one big one was with the above software.

    The only "gotcha" I found was the MiniPartion Tool, can't format to extFAT (which the phone prefers BTW). No big deal just formatted to NTFS with MiniPartition Tool, exited the program, then I formatted it in Windows to extFAT and put it the phone to make sure it was happy, which it was.
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    Memory cards are not a great way to store anything. Over the years I have read numerous post about information just disappearing off a memory card, so make sure you have a backup of anything on your memory card. If you have trouble with a memory card, just toss it and get a new one.
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    haha that sounds a wee bit over my head :P
    I just ordered a 16 GB card from Amazon...it should be here Friday :P
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    There use to be a professional photographers site that did real intensive testing on numerous memory cards. Professional photographers need top of the line memory cards with a fast write speed, and the ability to rewrite numerous times. They exposed a bunch of memory cards that didn't even come close to the specs they advertised. I always thought SanDisk was the best memory card, but it's not. Lexar was always rated the best according to their testing.
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    doesn't get much easier than this. SD card partitioning - XDA-Developers

    android itself is not hard. it it the manufactures that make it hard. nexus 7 was easy. connect to computer. fastboot bootloader, fastboot oem unlock, fastboot flash recovery recovery.img fastboot reboot recovery. then install your custom rom.

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