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    Hi Everyone,

    Nokia Drive more than not (70%) of the time, the compass on my 810 goes berserk when Nokia Drive is running. This makes Nokia Drive unusable for both navigation, and general driving (for monitoring speed limits, etc).

    I have done a full, hard reset, and the problem has persisted.

    I realize Nokia Drive is in beta, so I don't want to be quick to blame my hardware. Anyone else having this or a similar problem?

  2. Guzzler3's Avatar

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    I haven't had that particular issue. But I would love to figure out how to force a compass recalibration for the apps. It seems to me that my North is off in both of those apps sometimes.

    iPhone 3G (broken)
    Blackberry 6320 (retired)
    Lumia 810 (current)
  3. sixsevenco's Avatar

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    Thanks for the reply. The latest update seems to have fixed my problems. All is well. ��

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