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    Hi all.

    I'm a long-time WebOS user, who just recently made the jump to Windows Phone 8. I have a Lumia 810, and I'd like to use some of my Palm/HP charging accessories with my new Lumia, but I'm not sure of their level of compatibility.

    I've seen the video for possible Touchstone use - I dont want to do anything that crazy, quite yet.

    I'm just looking to use my Palm/HP car charger and Palm/HP wall charger to charge my Lumia 810s. Has anybody tried this successfully? I'm assuming USB has a standard, and the only question will be amperage, right? But I can't seem to find out what amperage the Nokia charger provides and what amperage the Palm/HP charger provides.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

    Ryan Powers
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    Do not do. You can greatly damage your phone
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    It depends which WebOS device you're talking about. The chargers for the pre/pixi models are fine, i charge mine at work with an old Pre charger, just stay away from the 1600ma Touchpad charger.
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    As long as its micro-usb charger, it should work, the charging voltage has been standardized globally for USB interfaces. For wireless charging, please check the link in the above post..

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