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    Hi everyone,

    On a side note, Minnesota has a good amount of wireless back covers for the Lumia 810. In fact, the T-Mobile store in my city stated that they have not sold a single wireless back cover yet. So I stopped by and became the first buyer, haha.

    I know there were some discussions regarding cases and such. I've decided to open a new thread let Lumia 810 owners what I was able to combine. I've always wanted to get myself a wireless charging set because it looks neat. In addition, the update that Nokia released for their Accessories app reminds me of Sleeping Screen for Symbian - something I dearly miss. I didn't want to keep my phone unprotected, so I wanted to also put it in a case.

    I decided to use the black Speck case for my Lumia 810 with the wireless back cover. Was I able to make it fit? Yes, I was. It was like trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans after a Christmas party. By the way, I don't wear skinny jeans or even tried wearing, but I think it's a good correlation to the solution. I still have access to all ports and the buttons all work.

    So for those that want to keep their phone protected with the wireless back cover, this is an option. I was thinking of buying a TPU case from eBay to see if that works also. If I do try, I'll update this thread.
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    Out of curiosity, whats' the exact size difference with and without the charging back? I'm guessing it adds to the overall thickness of the phone, maybe width/length, but how much exactly? 1mm, 2mm?
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    Probably close to 1mm. Here's a quick video on YouTube. Hope it helps a bit.

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