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    Got this from an article that had Nokia 820 project managers answer a lot of questions about the Lumia 820. Here's the important stuff:

    -The NL 820 supports 64 GB microSD cards.
    -The battery needs to be removed to insert or replace the card.
    -The screen is not Gorilla Glass, but is scratch resistant.
    -The snap-on covers made the device both Uni-body, which is good, but also versatile, for example adding wireless charging or a rugged shell.
    -The camera is module is the same as the Nokia Lumia 900, but features a new software experience which is “greatly improved and new”
    -Nokia is “looking at the possibilities” of a standby clock on the screen when the device is sleeping.
    -The rugged case did allow Nokia to address different channels such as both consumer and business with the same device.
    -Nokia did not comment whether future devices will also have wireless charging.
    -Nokia may look into a rugged shell with wireless charging included.
    -Nokia could not talk about delivery dates, pricing and availability yet.
    -They were able to have better battery life on the NL 820 despite a smaller battery due to the Snapdragon S4 engine with improved power management capabilities and also Nokia know-how & expertise on the power management.
    -They hopes to leverage the fact that Qi wireless charging is an open standard, but could not comment on 3rd party plans.
    -The NL 820 has a WVGA screen due to “much better readability for our consumers on the display size and due to the fact that the performance, mainly FPS, is something amazing in the new Lumia 820 OLED display with that specific resolution.”
    -The NL 820 screen featured Nokia’s ClearBlack display and other Nokia specific features like Sunlight Readability Enhancement.

    Full article: Nokia Lumia 820 Q&A feedback | WMPoweruser
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    why oh why did they not go with gorilla glass ??????
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    Gorilla Glass is just one brand's product. Each of the major OEMs actually have some decent scratch resistant glass, but they end up using Gorilla Glass on high end products because of the brand recognition.

    Using Gorilla Glass also means that if Corning is short on supply of that particular size, you're not going to be able to produce phones.

    So the reason that the 820 doesn't use Gorilla Glass is probably supply-chain related.
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    At least we know that it is scratch resistant.

    They may have a plan for a rugged shell with wireless charging. I would be most interested in that combo of all the shells..

    And support of up to 64gb SD Nice...
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    I wonder how fast their OLED screen is. In theory, the sky is the limit. With LCD's like the puremotion HD+ in the L920, I think 60hz is max. This OLED might be faster and they just hide it so that their flagship has another bullet point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corepc View Post
    At least we know that it is scratch resistant.

    They may have a plan for a rugged shell with wireless charging. I would be most interested in that combo of all the shells..

    And support of up to 64gb SD Nice...
    If they do that combo shell I'm basically sold, even if I've already bought the 920 by the time it's available. Plus, WVGA means less pixels to push. Lower workload on the processor = better performance AND improved battery life. This would be my work phone and the 920 would be for the evenings and weekends.
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    scratch resistant. was the only thing hesitated me to buy or not to buy and now its gone
    thank you nokia :happy:
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    64gb SD Card is the winner for me

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