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    Hello everyone,

    first post for me here :)

    I am interested in getting one of those new Lumia devices and the 820 seems to fit my hand perfectly (the 920 was too big). I know the 820 supports Micro SD cards, which is quite nice. But is it only for media files (mp3, videos , fotos, ...) or can I store apps on the SD card, too?

    I think there will be a lot of new games in the markpetplace in the future and they often need a lot of space. Is there some kind of Apps2SD functionality available in Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 820?

    I hope someone knows the answer here ;)

    Thanks for your help folks, have a nice weekend!

    Greetings from Germany

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    As far as i know, its Media only on the SD card.

    If you keep photos & Media on the SD card, then the phone memory should be plenty for just apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnailUK View Post
    As far as i know, its Media only on the SD card.

    If you keep photos & Media on the SD card, then the phone memory should be plenty for just apps.
    I disagree with this because I have the Nokia 822 which has 16GB instead of the 8GB and I have only like 700 MB left after re downloading all my apps and games from my WP7. This is not even including the many apps/games that I have not been able to re download either because they are not yet compatable with WP8 or because I can not remember which free apps I had downloaded directly from the phone which do not appear on my purchase history.

    Just the OS takes up 1.91 GB
    Apps 4.80 GB
    Other is 6.50 GB
    I believe the Nokia Maps are close to 3 or 4 GB
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    Gruss Gott Rolf!

    I have the 820, which has an ever increasing "other" portion being used up on the phone. I was reading elsewhere on another thread that there is an app for WP7 (only jailbroken devices) that can clear this mysterious other data.

    To answer your question at the moment the SD card is just for media. The 820 supports upto 64GB, although some users on other threads have mentioned issues. I have a Sandisk Class 10 64GB SDXC card which I use without incident. The 820 is a great little phone, dont be put off by others talking about pixel density or screen resolution, just pop down to a shop and see it side by side with the 920 and the screen is absolutely fine. The camera is fine for a phone but with a bit of practice you can get good pictures out it - theres a thread on top of the 820 forum with people posting their pictures and they look great.
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    I agree to adamski777.. I dunno why people want a very high resolution for a small screen..better try out for yourself. And yes, the memory card is only for media.if u goto settings > phone storage,there is no option for storing apps on the card.

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