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    When Verizon 822 photos were released it was like a donkey punch to the gut! AT&T gets the work of art known as the 922 and we get a larger Trophy! Not only a Trophy but one with a hideous and out of place Verizon logo! Time has passed and for some reason I am warming up to the 822. Most of the hands on reports speak positive about the appearance. Maybe it looks better in person. I love that it has Gorilla Glass and a bigger battery than the 820.... Super sensitive touch... Removable battery and expandable memory! My biggest concern is the camera. I am assuming it is similar to the 900. Not having one I am interested in any hint of what to expect. I am also looking for some reviews that compare the camera to the 8X. As of now I still have a few months to go before my upgrade but I am leaning toward the 822!
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    At first I was %100 on the 8X bandwagon, but now I'm leaning more toward the 822. Looking at the specs it appears to be very similar to the 900 in a lot of ways. I'm looking for reviews of this phone too.
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    I was actually all about the 822 but now, after playing with the 920, I'm unsure. I think I'm waiting for something better on Verizon or jumping to at&t. They built up their network nicely in my area in the past year and I was just made aware of this the other day.
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    ive always liked the 822 over the 8x. better battery life and removable storage alone makes it a better phone to me i can settle with the screen im trying to figure out if im going to add a line or just pay full retail for it at this point because i have to keep my unlimited data
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    I have decided to go for the 822 after seeing the 8X in person locally. For those still unsure, I will promise a very detailed review a week after receiving the device. If I'm unhappy, I'll switch to the 8X.

    Also, unrelated, but I wanted to share an accessory not listed in the accessories when preordering of interest to some of you: Set Your Location

    Also, still no word on the charging back plate.
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    I looked at all of them and by far the 920 on att is very nice. The screen is gorgeous but its a big device. Verizon just let me out of contract due to poor coverage at my home so it looks like I will be picking up a 920 or 820 today.

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    I was never that down on the 822, but after seeing the 920 and the 820 in person this weekend, as long as the 822 looks pretty good in person, it really might be a great choice. I was more than happy playing around with the 820. The camera is a big factor for me and I was impressed with the little I was able to use it and since there is also finally a review out I have some faith in on the 820 where they tested the camera, I think it'll work fine for me. The 920 is a thing of beauty and I wish I could have it but the 820 wasn't the ugly stepchild in the least. The improved specs on the 822 help as well. I knew about the additional storage and slightly bigger battery, but read more recently Gorilla Glass 2 and possibly a better FFC. Those differences make the cost difference between AT&T and Verizon's versions also much easier to take.

    That being said, I've always been 98% certain that I wasn't getting the 8X, so my main focus is not comparing the 822 with the 8X in a definitive way. I'm happy Verizon is getting the 8X and that it has a few more things than the other version, but I'm pretty sure I'd get annoyed very quickly not having the Nokia exclusive apps and at the end of the day, I need the most useful phone. Really looking forward to seeing the 822 in person later this week.

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