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    I have a lumia 820 and it seems the maximum screen time out limit is "5 minutes", while as my cousin has the htc 8x and his screen time out limit is "never".
    I am curious to know if it is just my phone, or does any other lumia 820 have that limitation too?

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    Mine is the same as yours. I believe my 900 has the same options as well.
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    My 8x only has the 5 min option.
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    It isn't an OS issue, it's a manufacturers issue. My HTC HD7 I could set to 'Never' and my Lumia 800 and 820 max at 5 minutes. It sucks due to the issue of the Wi-Fi shutting within seconds of the screen going to sleep. MS knows about and 'may' fix it sometime in the future.
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    920, 5 minute maximum.
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    I've got the 8x and my maximum is 5 mins. But I've heard of other people with the same phone having the "never" option. WTF??
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    I believe this is due to it using an AMOLED screen as opposed to an LCD screen. The AMOLED screens suffer damage if left on and static for extended periods of time if I've read correctly, whereas this doesn't affect LCD screens such as those on the TITAN.

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    Any Apps out there that get around the 5 min limit?
    It would be nice to go to 10 or 15 minutes at least.

    I'd buy that for a $1.

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