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    I picked up an 820 about a week ago from ATT. The first 3 or 4 days I notifed I kept dropping calls. A LOT OF CALLS. I am talking about 75+ in 3 days. So I then notice my screen randomly turns on in the middle of a conversation. When you put your phone up to your ear, the front facing camera acts as a sensor and turns off your screen. Well, the screen will go off, then in the middle of a conversation the screen will turn on and won't turn off. I even try turning the screen off manually by pressing the side button, and this does not work. So, essnetially, my cheek keeps hitting the "end" button. I have to restart my phone everytime this happens. Even when I get off a call, the screen will fail to turn off, even if i do it manually or let the automatic timer kick in. I have tried everything to rectify the issue. So I took the phone back to ATT and got a second 820, and within the first 4 hours the screen won't turn off. I have been hearing a bout a lot of problems with the 920, and the battery isses with the 8X. I am stuck in a predicament right now. I might be forced into an Android phone due to the lack of options for replacement. I loved WP7, and I love WP8 as a mobile OS, but right now it is next to unusable. I should not have to restart my phone 4 or 5 times a day. I would not mind if this happened every once in a while, but this is my second 820 with the same problem.
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    Was it doing this right away, or after you've doing something to it? Like put it in a case or put a screen protectors?

    It sounds like an issue with the proximity sensor going wacky.
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    This was fresh out of the box with no apps downloaded. Its not a hardware issue, even though the screen won't go off when I press the side "sleep" button. I know this because I can still press down that same button to turn the phone off and on, but not turn off the screen. well, phone just went back and I got the 920. Hopefully I dont have the same issue. I stayed clear of the 920 because it is too big and heavy, I liked the small 820.
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    love my nokia lumia 820. however having big problems with screen sensor during calls. every call now within seconds i'm putting callers o hold, mute, dialling someone else, calling them on a second line, cutting them off. when calling Vodafone to report this and get phone changed (only had phone 6 weeks!) they had to call me back 6 times because my phone kept cutting them off. anyone else got these issues/

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