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    So I was using my phone the other day with gloves when i dropped my phone. It was at this point I realised that it is actually a curse to be able to use gloves - gloves dont have as much grip as your fingers!

    Anyway, a drop from 3/4 feet has resulted in a cracked screen, an usable phone, and a very unhappy customer. My question is, does anyone have any experience of charges for such things? My options are to either send it to Nokia and get a quote, or send it to Tesco (my network provider) for a quote. Just wondered if anyone had experience of one being more expensive than the other?

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    If you got it from TESCO, they would have had an 8/mth insurance policy... See what they say
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    Hi - see my post on another thread called 820 screen fail.. I've just had a quote back from tesco mobile to fix the screen for 51...
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    Unfortunately you can only take insurance out with Tesco at the time you purchase the phone. Really wish I had.

    Cheers for the info Tom, I rang Nokia care for a quote - they said they couldnt give me an accurate quote because they didn't have the replacement screens in stock yet, but said it would roughly cost between 150-200! Outrageous.

    I will send back to Tesco and hope they repair for the same cost as yours!
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    Can you claim for it on your home insurance?

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