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    Hoping that I'm an ***** - when making or receiving calls I can only hear the other end when I hit the 'speaker' button - they can hear me, apparently, so have I set something inadvertently, or is the internal earhole speaker faulty? Any help would be greatly appreciated! TJ
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    From what you described, it seems that the internal ear speaker is faulty. Have you tried turning up the volume, sounds dumb but you may have accidentally set to 0 lol..
  3. swissTJ's Avatar

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    yup, tried that, but thanks anyway! There is a very very faint hum/buzz/white noise but that's all.
  4. sistah's Avatar

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    I'm having exactly the same issue. Like you checked the volume etc but all seems fine. Did you determine if it was a faulty handset or is there a setting i can alter?
  5. virtualfat's Avatar

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    I have the same problem...
  6. Artov's Avatar

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    Yes I too can only use speakerphone. Cannot turn it off and cannot get any help on how to activate or deactivate it.
    Only Microsoft.....
  7. wolfgang keth's Avatar

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    its a fault with your phone . Get it checked at nokia car center . Or call them on the help line
  8. Richard Franc's Avatar

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    I have an 820 also, same problem - the other person can hear me perfectly, however
    I cannot hear the other person unless on speakerphone.
    I checked all my settings - it's not a me problem, it's a phone problem.

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