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    Just made an impulse buy on ebay. Brand new 820 in white with accessories (no wireless charger). Somehow I was the only bidder 262 all in including postage. Currently got an 800 on Orange. Assuming I can just slap my sim in and get started as the 820 is locked to Orange also. Slight sense of panic so seeking input from others Did I get a good deal at that price and am I going to regret it? First ebay purchase, not sure what came over me...just saw the clock counting down and bought it!
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    If you like the phone, I see no reason to panic. Ebay sellers are usually right on the spot with "buy it now" option, with bidding usually saves some, but not much.
    Enjoy the phone, and good luck.
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    262 seems like a good price for the phone if it's brand new.

    I hope you enjoy it :)
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    You will have zero regrets. A very good phone, such an upgrade over the 800. Nokia has really poured their heart and soul into their devices. Enjoy, and good purchase!!
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    yes if its new its a good price, I got my 820 back in November for 359 (although included the free wireless charging pad offer) and overall am very happy with the phone
  6. JimiDiGriz's Avatar

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    Thanks for the responses. Just not sure if I'd got ripped off at that price. Poster said it was BNIB (Brand New in Box - had to look that one up). But there were no photos apart from a Nokia promo photo. There were minutes left on the clock and just impulse bought it.

    "Brand NewNOKIA LUMIA 820
    In WHITE

    New Unwanted upgrade - never used

    on Orange/T-Mobile/EE

    Fully Boxed with all original Accessories
    1 x Nokia Lumia 820 Handset
    1 x Battery
    1 x Wall Charger

    Plus free matching White Case and Screen Protector"

    ....And then had a panic attack.
  7. GraemeT's Avatar

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    I got my 820 from my local O2 shop at the end of December for 330. I thought that was a bargain. If your's is as advertised then it's a steal. It's a good phone. I don't think you'll regret it.
  8. chuchuchrain's Avatar

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    It's a great little phone. If anything, perhaps you could sell it to someone else if you're unhappy with it. That said, you've picked it up at a great price!
  9. Mike3of3's Avatar

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    Its a good price and a great phone!

    you cant go wrong. I've had my 820 for a week or so and I'm still finding things on it that make me go wow!
  10. JimiDiGriz's Avatar

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    It arrived as advertised. Still sealed in cellophane and it's FANTASTIC! I can get 91 for my L800 as well which will offset the price a little. So a little over 150 all in. I'm had a few issues, that pesky 'other' thing is leeching my storage and I've had the battery stick at 100%, Bing lockscreen not updating etc but other than that it's perfect. The extra screen real estate up to 4.3 from 3.7 makes all the difference. The screen is far sharper as well. I imagine the glitches will get fixes. Overall no buyers regret at all. If a Storm Trooper had a company phone, it would be the white L820.
  11. Chemilinski's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimiDiGriz View Post
    If a Storm Trooper had a company phone, it would be the white L820.
    Haha, nice analogy :P
    Someone should make that a thing..

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