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    Any one else facing the issue with Skype on Lumia 820.
    I am travelling so I thought of relying on Skype for making calls back home but in two days My phone has stuck 6 times (only when using Skype)
    The Screen stays black and I have to remove and reinsert the battery.

    I love this Phone but as of now I think I love my HTC Wildfire more. :(
  2. Mattyh95's Avatar

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    My phone used to crash whenever I opened the front camera!! I just uninstallled the skype app and now it works fine, wtf is wrong with the skype app?!
  3. ttsoldier's Avatar
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    Skype app Is in beta guys.

    We need to wait for an update.
  4. adamski777's Avatar

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    I know its still in Beta or Preview or whatever they are calling it, but its ridiculous that other non Microsoft platforms have a perfect Skype experience. Having moved from a 4s I expected better. Hurry up MS we need our Skype!
  5. robert peake's Avatar

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    same issues here, coulndt work out what was going wrong at the time , i had the phone stick and i ended up doing a full reset, losing info at the time.

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