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  1. matt sheeley's Avatar

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    i bought a 820 on release and haven't had any luck recording videos... seems when i record and try to playback i get a stutter or it gets stuck for a second then starts playing again and repeats for the duration of the recording... making it impossible for me to record anything cause in the part i wanted to record for it stops then skips over on the playback
  2. eReS's Avatar

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    are you using SD card or internal memory?
    did it work in the past?
  3. robert peake's Avatar

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    im having similar issues, using a sandisk 64gig, and i have read it could be issues because its a class 10 card. maybe a case of recording to internal memory then trabsferring across to the sd card for now as a workaround until a fix is released.
  4. BigwaveMx's Avatar

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    i havent heard any official statment from Nokia about the fix for this problem. In fact, I resell my 64GB card for this issue.
  5. matt sheeley's Avatar

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    sorry for not being able to reply sooner... i am using the sandisk ultra 64GB micro sd card.... i did not work before but after i updated my phone it got a little better but still does it... internal memory and the sd card it still happens

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