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    I just started using a Lumia 820 for about a week now and I discovered that it gets hot easily and the battery life is not too good. I have updated to the latest firmware and don't know what to do. Cab somebody please advice.
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    Did you read my battery tips in the HTC 8X forum? Most tips work fir any WP8 device. The WP8 with the best battery is the Samsung Ativ S, but it is only available in some markets.
    *** Forza Windows Phone 8 ***
    Many answers here in my battery tips & tricks post: http://forums.wpcentral.com/htc-8x/2...ps-htc-8x.html
    Please help me with my WP8 Sync App idea called "WP8 ClonePhone": http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-...lonephone.html
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    Had my 820 about 5 weeks now, can't say i've noticed any heat or battery life issues. Depends what your definition of 'not too good' is i suppose.

    It's easy enough to turn off services that you don't use often, and check to see what's running in the background to help out a little with battery.
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    In my case the battery leak (and heat) was caused by the LTE connection. I have now forced the data connection to 3G and the issue was solved.
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    I had the same issue but its history now read more

    Battery information and Tips for Lumia 820 and 920 - Nokia Support Discussions
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    Could be many things really...The issue seems to be the overheating which in turn drains the battery.

    I personally have great battery life and no heating issues whatsoever even when watching non-stop media. The hot battery could be a result of just having a defective battery which in turn will also drain much quicker. Just remember that your display sucks the life out of your battery when you have it set to higher levels, using the flashlight, heavy web use and watching videos could allow your battery to get too hot though not normally. 4g can draw more than usual from your battery also making it hot but that isn't common. I do know that playing games on your phone will cause your battery to get hot more often as well as constant signal use.

    So in a nutshell, my presumptions are(in order):
    1. Make sure you are not heavily playing games and talking on the phone all night.
    2.Turn off your 4g for a day or 2 (some geographic areas will have more strain on your cell phone battery due to signal resistance).
    3.Set your display to medium or lower and check to see if there are any 3rd party apps that are pulling too much battery power.
    4.Check your phone charger for frayed wires or any other physical damage. Use a different charging cable AND wall plug for a couple days(remember it always wise to use the OEM power accessories when possible to ensure proper continuity).

    Do those steps in order checking your battery performance after each. If after every one of those steps your battery does not improve then I can assure you that your have a defective battery or in rare cases, a defective handset. Luckily for us, our Lumia 820's have removable batteries. Change your battery out and if you still have your problem then it is your phone.

    Good luck!

    (4 years as a communications electrician in the Navy)
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  7. dinesh_altius's Avatar

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    Hey guys I've same problem too. It's been 3 weeks since I've been using this device and I love everything about it expect the fact it's getting heated up very quickly. Just mins into gaming really makes the device uncomfortably hot. Simple games games like wordament also heat up the device. You think I should take up the matter with Nokia care. It's really irritating not to play games because of over heating. Does 1308 update improve the battery life and reduces the over heating problem or should I report the problem immediately?
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  8. Manas Gupta's Avatar

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    Yes,I think you should visit the Nokia Care.I do not game that much,but its safe to say that mine has never shown any signs of overheating.
  9. textomatic's Avatar

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    I can say that the reason my Lumia 820 was getting so hot was due to Xbox Music. I have a lot of music (Like 70 gigs worth) and I believe the 820 was working non stop trying to match my songs to the could. The moment I turned off Xbox music sync my phone's battery life went back to normal and it no longer gets hot. I turned on Xbox music again just to reconfirm if it was the culprit and yes it was. The phone started loosing its charge super fast. Now, I don't know if my music library being so big has anything to do with it but I do know it was the cause. This may not happen if your music library is not as big.
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    After updating to the 1308 update, my Lumia 820's battery seems to be longer and no heat. But then again I used the mugen 1800 mah battery.
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    you are exactly right....I got my nokia lumia 820 and facing the same issues.I would be happy if any one could assist me on how to conserve battery.My phone gets hotter when I start using the apps..I'm upset with nokia....!!!
  12. Acryion's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by zack251 View Post
    But then again I used the mugen 1800 mah battery.
    Wait wait wait. What 1800 battery? There are batteries larger than 1650 for the 820?
  13. BrunoShady's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by zack251 View Post
    After updating to the 1308 update, my Lumia 820's battery seems to be longer and no heat. But then again I used the mugen 1800 mah battery.
    where did you bought it?

    it's larger or have the same size as the OEM?
  14. MrCartas's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrunoShady View Post
    where did you bought it?

    it's larger or have the same size as the OEM?
    same size: [HLI-BP5TSL] Buy Mugen Power 1800mAh Extended Battery for Nokia Lumia 820
    Larger with back door: [HLI-820XL] Buy Mugen Power 3600mAh Extended Battery for Nokia Lumia 820 with Battery Door
  15. BrunoShady's Avatar

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    this Mugen is the better brand for these batteries or is there anyone better?

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