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  • 1 Post By Vaibhav Chauhan
  • 2 Post By win_splash
  • 2 Post By ashraf alkharabsheh
  • 1 Post By marratj
  • 2 Post By Laura Knotek
  1. snowcloud's Avatar

    7 Posts
    Whenever I try to login to my nokia account through nokia music or settings->nokia account or setting-> emails+accounts ->nokia account. It goes into infinite loop of "connecting". It doesn't even show a page to enter login credentials.
    Due to this i am not able to use Nokia music.
    what to do??Plz help
  2. nikhilr51's Avatar

    339 Posts
    Global Posts
    342 Global Posts
    I dont need a nokia account to use nokia music??

  3. Vaibhav Chauhan's Avatar

    260 Posts
    Internet connection problem maybe? How long did you allow it to connect?
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  4. snowcloud's Avatar

    7 Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by Vaibhav Chauhan View Post
    Internet connection problem maybe? How long did you allow it to connect?
    No pal
    My phone is always connected to 15Mbps broadband connection through wifi.
    last night a left it at connecting windows for whole night but till morning still showing "connecting".
  5. crossovertm's Avatar

    5 Posts
    i cant too, it says connecting and never ends.
  6. win_splash's Avatar

    73 Posts
    I had the exact same same issue about a month ago. I couldn't login to my Nokia account from my Lumia 920, I wanted to try Nokia music and link my account to maps and Nokia drive. Everything on the Nokia website was good, my region and everything else. I got on the chat with a representative and he tried a couple of trouble shooting steps, but in the end the solution that worked was to factory reset my phone. Doing a factory reset fixed the problem and allowed me to connect to my Nokia account. Just make sure you back up all of your things.
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  7. Sameer Zaidi's Avatar

    1 Posts
    Factory Reboot will solve the problem.

    I have faced the same issue with my Lumia 620.
  8. Clice's Avatar

    6 Posts
    I have the same problem with my Lumia 820, and I have factory reset my phone x3 times.. even tried without the simcard and through wifi only.. I just can't sign in or up for a Nokia account through my phone. Everything worked last week, but then I moved to an other country and had to reset my phone to make reflect my new region.. after that my Nokia account never worked on my phone..
  9. #9  
    for this problem ust go to here city lens app. , then open its menu and go to sign in

    I was in moment of killing my self because I had the same problem till it was solved
  10. Robbed Time's Avatar

    28 Posts
    Wow, thank you so much. I have no idea how you found out that City Lens would fix it, but I am so glad that you did. Was about to Factory Reset me phone for the umpteenth time.
  11. marratj's Avatar

    187 Posts
    I had the same Problem, but I still could get the Login Screen under Settings -> Nokia Account. What helped for me was entering a wrong Password there, then it complained about failed Login and then use right password afterwards, then the Login was successful and all Nokia apps recognized it again.
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  12. rikipy's Avatar

    121 Posts
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    122 Global Posts
    the problem is the account localitation, i'm trying creating a new nokia account based US in my lumia in Paraguay and work perfectly
  13. GusWhy's Avatar

    1 Posts
    I was having the same problem on my 512. I tried logging into all of my nokia apps. Finally I downloaded Here Transit and was able to create a nokia account through that.
  14. #14  
    Thanks man, i had aweful problems resetting this phone. but i had to because the "others" folder got out of control. So I needed to reset and install my apps manually through SD card(this also mean temp files for each app are stored on sd. Anyways it took ages and a few resets to get the cogs to dissapear..then just when i though it was safe I couldn't log into my nokia account. 24 hours now and not amused.

    Anyways tthe only answer is this guy above me, i signed in there, then went back to settings page and instead of saying "network error" it just asked me to re-enter my password. This guy just saved me yet another rset as i was running out of ideas.

    nice fix to a lame bug
  15. Simpi Nair's Avatar

    1 Posts
    I solved it for my phone after trying a lot
    Dont try - Settings - email+acttounts - add account -Nokia acount

    Instead try

    Settings - Nokia account - (The second last option in the settings menu) - and log in

    If you are able to log in successfully here, u will automatically get signed in on Nokia Music as well :-)
  16. Aashish Suneja's Avatar

    1 Posts
    hey buddy.. i had the same problem as u explained. i did reset my lumia and very first configured a nokia account instead of microsoft account and got the unlimited subscription. try it..
  17. Randy Volters's Avatar

    1 Posts
    I have tried everything on this forum post.

    This is the 3rd such incident I have had with my Nokia 845.

    I even went to the Nokia site on my PC and reset the password there and verified. Still cannot login.

    Guess I will have to backup my phone and factory reset.

    Hey Nokia! Get your act together!
  18. Nilotpal Das1's Avatar

    1 Posts
    On the contrary, My Nokia Music was working fine. I had to do a hard reset because my email stopped syncing. Since then my nokia music is not working.
  19. mprice62's Avatar

    2 Posts
    This may be coincidental, but, I was able to connect with my Nokia Account while connected via USB cable to my PC, and while it was syncing the Windows Account. Dumb luck? Maybe. But now everything is working as it should.

    Go figure...
  20. #20  
    Unable to login to nokia account to access Nokia music nokia 520
  21. ajaykoul's Avatar

    1 Posts
    sir I am using nokia lumia 610 , I forget mail id and password to the nokia account I cannot download the songs pls tell me wht I can do
  22. #22  
    Hi. I had the same prob, downloaded HereTransit but cant find a login scren - where is it? pls help
  23. nayakpintu00's Avatar

    1 Posts
    Nothing is impossible
  24. #24  
    Nokia Music no longer exists. Nokia sold it to Microsoft which sold it to Line. Line shut it down.

    Therefore this thread is closed.
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