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    Hi all,

    There is an issue I found out this weekend with my AT&T unlocked Lumia 820.
    I was at the park and there was a concert going on, so I decided to catch a couple of songs with my Lumia 820. That was a huge mistake.
    Went home and played back the captured videos and OMG: The video is choppy and the audio is awfull, you can't even distinguish anything, it souds terrible (like when you have a mic facing the wind)
    It was of my understanting that Nokia uses a Rich Audio Recording Chip in all phones released after the 808, they sued HTC for using the same chip!
    I saw videos on youtube showing how awesome this chip is, but on my 820 it is a dissaster. Even the crappy Galaxy Ace sounded better, as a friend of mine was standing next to me with one and on hers, the audio sounded fine (not that good, but better than mine)
    Is there something I am missing out on? Some setting or adjustment needed in order to get a decent audio recording out of this phone?

    The phone has over 2GB of free space with a 64GB MicroSD card (where the videos and pictures are stored)
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    Does all video look and sound bad, or was it only this particular video?
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    Well, I took 3 videos that day and all have the same issue. Couple days before that I took a couple videos of a college band performing on the street and the video was choppy at times but the audio sounded ok, well, as long as I did not get too close to any of the instruments they were playing.
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    I uploaded a video sample of the recording so you can get what I mean

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