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    I have a Nokia Lumia 820 from UK, which was apparently gifted by the Nokia guys itself, with OS version 1232.2107.1241.1001. I don't see any mention of this version in Nokia Support Page for Amber. Also when I checked with Nokia Care Suite, the product version is not listed there too.

    I am using this in India Any idea what can be done ?

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    Can you post the product code of the phone? You can find it under the battey cover (something like 05XXXXX)
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    Maybe they release it for you when it comes out in UK ... I think people in UK still didn't get Amber update on unbranded L820
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    You'll get it right around the time people in the UK get their updates.
    They rely on the where the phone is from rather than where you are currently in.
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    Still not seen anything for the RM-825 (Lumia 820) UK Country Variant ( 059R096) running on Vodafone yet.
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    Hi, Thanks for replying back. The product code for my 820 is 059P7P2
  7. Ashish Mohta's Avatar

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    Also when I checked with Nokia Care Suite, it says "The variant package was not found on the server". Doesn't happen with my Lumia 920 which is also from UK
  8. kubiaxk's Avatar

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    According to this "Lumia 820 Country variant 1232.5957.1308.0003 Waiting for approval", update isn't released yet. So you need to wait for it.

    You can check it here Availability in Europe - Nokia "United Kingdom"
  9. Ashish Mohta's Avatar

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    Agree but my OS version is not even listed. Check for 1232.2107.1241.1001

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