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View Poll Results: What platform

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  • Dumb phone

    3 12.50%
  • Apple

    7 29.17%
  • Android

    13 54.17%
  • Blackberry

    1 4.17%
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  1. o4liberty's Avatar

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    Just want to see what platform everyone is coming from. I came over from BlackBerry.
  2. downstevedown's Avatar

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    Android - Galaxy Nexus. Great smartphone, lousy phone. Call issues drove me over the top. Thought I'd give a new user experience a try, as the innovation curve on iOS and Android has rapidly flattened (improving speed and mirroring one another's features seems to be what they're up to these days). Microsoft jumped in the deep end on this, so I figure I'll give them a shot...
  3. o4liberty's Avatar

    300 Posts
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    I tried Android for several years but the OS was too buggy from device to device and updates sometimes made it worse. My favorite was BlackBerry but with the new BB10 coming in February and the announcement that the trackpad and BB keys were gone I just figured it was time to find a new platform. I had the Trophy but the font size was way too small for me.
  4. David A Smith's Avatar

    6 Posts
    I came from a Droid X (which I only purchased because Verizon didn't have a WP7 device at the time). My last experience with Windows on a phone was WM5 on the Motorola Q. Loving WP8 so far.
  5. PappesHartley's Avatar

    64 Posts
    I came from android and am very happy with WP8 so far
  6. Lee B's Avatar

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    Count me as a write-in vote for WebOS, a great platform which I'd have been happy to stay with if HP hadn't given up on it. I tried a Droid 4 and thought Android was like a disorganized house -- everything was there somewhere but it didn't hang together very well. So far so good with WP8 and an 822.
  7. Greyfish7's Avatar

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    +1 webOS
  8. das4444's Avatar

    7 Posts
    Came from the original HTC Incredible, jailbroke for the last year, most recently running JB ... WAY TOO MUCH WORK to keep the phone running. Very happy so far with WP8 on my Lumia 822. Looking for a case ... hope some show up soon, before i drop it.
  9. DJRedLine's Avatar

    186 Posts
    Came from wp7 on htc trophy, before that maemo on n900 and before that wm6.5 on omnia.
  10. #10  
    I can't vote - I used Windows Mobile for... I don't remember for sure, but thinking it must have been 4-5 years? Then I got Windows Phone (Sprint Arrive) on the day it launched (3/23/11) after giving up on Verizon, but ported back because Sprint's coverage was horrible. Then I went to ATT after again giving up on Verizon and got a Samsung Focus, but alas, ATT isn't good here, either. I put up with it for a couple weeks, hoping I could learn to deal with it, and then Verizon made their announcement on 5/19/2011, and I had my Trophy on 5/26/2011, after more than six months of aggravation waiting on Verizon!
  11. 12Danny123's Avatar

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    well glad you got a Nokia Lumia 822 man :-)
    - Xbox Account: SocialDanny123 Twitter: @SuDanny123

    Lived in LA USA now moved to Auckland New Zealand :-)

    Other devices:
    Nexus 5
    IPhone 5C
    Blackberry Z10

  12. R McG's Avatar

    2 Posts
    It used to be a Sprint Android based HTC EVO 3G for me.
  13. TaliZorah's Avatar

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    iPhone 5. But I have had Android as well. I actually like the iPhone, WP is just better. Android? FUHGETABOUTIT!
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    Like I said above, I'm coming from an all Microsoft background, and given that, I'm pleased to see so many coming from Android and Apple who are liking the Windows Phone. Not to start any "ours is better than yours" debates, I believe that we need competition to foster innovation - I just want to say I'm happy to see people from the other sides enjoying what I've enjoyed.
  15. scottcraft's Avatar
    Retired Moderator

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    My first smartphone was a Motorola Droid. Next I had an HTC Trophy for almost a year and a half, now I'm on the 822.
  16. radioage54's Avatar

    20 Posts
    I had several feature phones and then a couple droids. The only thing I miss so far is my Dish Network app and flash player support in IE10!

    Nokia Lumia 822 purchased ($49) at Best Buy yesterday after first going to Verizon store who had none!

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