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    Anybody having issues with sending text messages? I'm not talking about the garbled ones that are appearing on random devices, but text messages that are not even sending.

    I noticed this more and more lately... and it's been to both Verizon and US Cellular devices... Blackberry, iPhone, whatever.

    I will send a text and then about 3 minutes later it comes back and says it was unable to send. It's frustrating because there is such a long delay from when you hit send and it comes back with the error. It's not a signal issue because I'm getting strong signal.
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    I had the same thing happen to me this morning - Lumia 920 AT&T - trying to send to Sprint and AT&T phones. I turn my phone off, then on again and it's been fine ever since. Not sure what happened, but I hope it's fixed now!
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    I have the same issue but they do send it a carrier issue on verizons side. Even though it says unable to send it does go through.
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    I'm having this issue again this morning. I'm on AT&T. Anyone else?
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    This is a Verizon Lumia 822 forum dude lol
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