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  1. hopmedic's Avatar

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    I have an update notice for Backup Assistant Plus, even though I uninstalled the app. Now this is going to tick me off. The last thing I want is for Verizon to be telling me what apps I need to have on my phone, and is one of the reasons that Windows Phone is so much better than the rest.....

    I'm going to run the update, and uninstall it to get rid of it on the update count. If I see it again.....
  2. mud314's Avatar

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    Isn't it part of the core system on our VZ devices? I see it under settings and see no way of removing it.
  3. hopmedic's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by mud314 View Post
    Isn't it part of the core system on our VZ devices? I see it under settings and see no way of removing it.
    Ah, that's right - that's why I didn't see it in the app list...... I had unchecked the backup every day box. How in the world can I stop VZW from backing up? I have SkyDrive for that, and VZW has no right to my contact list without my permission!
  4. mud314's Avatar

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    You have to activate it manually. Until that is done, it's just sitting there doing nothing but annoying us. :). it's the last item under settings so you should have no trouble finding it. Really, I'd say don't worry about it, it won't do anything to you until you activate it.
  5. hopmedic's Avatar

    5,156 Posts
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    5,247 Global Posts
    Yeah, I accidentally activated it while setting the phone up the first time, and didn't realize what it was. Now is there anything I can do besides uncheck that daily backup? And I'd really like to get rid of the backup in Verizon's cloud...
  6. mud314's Avatar

    63 Posts
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    501 Global Posts
    Ouch. You may have to log to the verizonewireless then. Sorry bud, have no clue as to whether or not it can be disabled. I wonder if resetting the phone back to factory would at least stop from activating again on the phone. Have no clue about the VZ cloud portion.

    Makes no sense that VZ does this, I can understand for their "dumb" phones but for a smartphone that is very redundant. I have not had to enter or transfer my address book in years. I have been in the cloud since it first started pushing itself. I like being able to switch a phone and not worry about having to re-enter. But like you, I don't care for the VZ Backup crap. I certainly don't like that they made it part of the OS either. Sorry rats :).
  7. dakranii's Avatar

    525 Posts
    I think the only thing it backs up is your contacts. Which is unnecessary if you're pulling your contacts in from outlook or Facebook or whatever.
  8. WPSteve's Avatar

    19 Posts
    Speaking of Verizon putting junk on our phones... Is there any way to get rid of the other "apps" on here? (i.e. Help+Tips) Uninstall doesn't pop up, and I really don't need help to understand an OS I've been using for years...
  9. Q bOOgie's Avatar

    3 Posts
    I'm using an 8x and I had unnecessary problems with Verizon's Backup Assistant Plus. My problem was not seeing any changes when I try to edit my contacts even though phone allowed me to go through the steps of editing. Exhausted pretty much every option from un syncing any email accounts with Tech support from Verizon, Logging onto my Verizon wireless account and removing or editing my contacts, and even restoring to default factory settings. Nothing helped so I decided to just use my outlook for contacts and removed / deactivated "Backup Assistant Plus."

    For the 8x:
    1. go to settings and at the very top swipe left to view "applications"
    2. Scroll down until you see "people" and go into that.
    3. Once In "People," scroll down to the very bottom where you will see "accounts."
    Below, you should be able to see all your email accounts that you have added to your phone.
    4. In that section you should be able to see "Backup Assistant Plus," hold onto "Backup Assistant Plus" and you should be able to see the option to delete / remove.
    5. Once you accept you should get one more confirmation telling you something about deleting will remove all of your contacts blah blah blah.

    That should do it. Hope this helps. I was able to remove BAP without receiving any updates for it.
    If you want to use it again, just go to settings/system/, scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see BAP"activate your free Verizon service"

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