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    Hey guys. I just want to toss this out there in hopes that the collective can help identify if I have a problem with my phone, or if it is a user error.

    In the past, I never had issues when visiting my family in Florida with my previous phones. They just worked. I live in NY btw.

    When I arrive in Florida yesterday, while in the airplane, I checked my phone and I had a decent LTE connection. I clicked on my office mail and it couldn't connect. I then checked my gmail and verizon mail with the same results.

    I then checked my settings and saw that option to used data while roaming. My gut said I didn't need it but I turned it on for giggles. I couldn't. My phone was in a froze state, so I powered it off and on again. When I did, it worked. Odd..

    So I get my rental car and fire up the Nokia app to navigate me to my parents. It got me there fine and when I arrived, I went to check email again but couldn't connect. I again went into setting and tried to turn on data roaming and this this I was able to. Didn't help. I turned that setting back off and for giggles, I rebooted my phone again. That worked. I was able to get my email again.

    My phone has worked flawlessly until I arrived in Florida. Does anyone have any clues on what might be going on here? Why would my data plan not work suddenly? It shows I always have an LTE signal.

    Thanks in advance.
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    in those same settings you where in under mode selection try LTE and CDMA if it is set to global

    i was on a little road trip and noticed i couldn't connect to surf web or some apps would not update even though the phone was showing decent service i made that switch and things got better
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    On the first couple trips I went on my phone was a little crazy. It has been fine since I uninstalled the beta version of Skype and turned data roaming on.

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