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    In the windows phone email client, messages containing links are not clickable. I have a hotmail account synced with my phone however when I receive a message there is no way to click on links. They just show up as regular text. Is there a setting I can change to make links active? It would be nice to click on a link and have the web page open in the browser just like my android did.
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    This happens on Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 as well now.
    It used to not happen (to my knowledge).
    But what I see is that the link will work if another Windows Phone device is the recipient, but almost no other client gets a clickable link.
    Not Hotmail / Outlook.com, Windows Live Mail client, Outlook 2013, or Windows Mail in Windows 8.

    If I "Share Page" from IE within Windows Phone 8 to a Gmail account as the target, it's the same result.
    However, Gmail at least does the "courtesy" of scanning the email (probably for advertising purposes), and converting it to a clickable link.
    Oh, in fact, yes... there is nothing in my entire Gmail inbox that pertains to the link I sent myself, and now I have an ad from Google about the link that's in the email.

    If there is a setting to tap, I don't know it.
    I've tried adding a space after the link, hitting a "return" after the link, etc. to trick the link into being clickable, and nothing works.
    I think it is something to do with the email client or the server formatting the message improperly (like stripping / forgetting to add the URL metadata).

    It's totally broken.
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    I have never seen this behavior, from day one of Windows Phone, to WP8. Tapping a link and having it open in the browser (just like your old Android) is the behavior I see every day.
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    All of my links are clickable, and nobody I know sends emails from Windows Phones. The senders use PCs (Outlook/webmail), Macs (Apple Mail), Android, iPhone.
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    Same problem on my WP 7.8.

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