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    Is it just me, or is anyone else struggling with the new Xbox Music? I played the game and signed up for Xbox Music Pass, thinking that this may ease some of my music access pain. Xbox Music has actually made things more of a pain. Xbox Music is very limited on WP8 and it is almost impossible to get a song to download first time without getting an error. Offering an option to play, add to play, add to play list, download, etc. does not make things any easier.

    I have downloaded Nokia Music. Not much better than Xbox Music.

    Went to trusty ol' Zune that I still have loaded on my Windows 8 laptop. That sure gave me a lot more functionality in terms of music search - plus it downloads songs through my Xbox Music Pass first time - no errors.

    I also fiddled around with my Son's iTunes on both his PC and iPhone. Xbox has a lot of work to do to catch up to iTunes. Of course, being a cash cow, iTunes is the only software that Apple has that's worth a poop IMO.

    Is Microsoft planning to position Xbox Music as a "player" APP with future enhancements to the Marketplace or Store for better search, purchases and music management? I would say that if I were a WP8 platform developer, I could get rich overnight by coming up with an APP that integrated with Xbox Music and Xbox Music Pass.
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    In my opinion, retiring the Zune brand (software and devices) was one of the biggest mistakes MS ever made. Take back the drag & drop crap and give us something with Zune-like wireless syncing.

    WP8 plays music & videos but compared to Zune & WP7 it's a step backwards and really my only complaint about my Lumia 920.
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