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    I looked for this answer in a ton threads, so I apologize if I missed it somehow. How the heck do I delete some of these albums within the XBOX Music+Videos hub? Or videos for that matter.
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    Press and hold the song/video, click delete.
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    In the Music hub, scroll over to songs and then tap the Select option. You can then select multiple songs to delete but you can't delete an entire album at once. That has to be done on the computer.
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    Thanks guys. That's what I was getting at, you can't delete an entire album in one shot huh
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    Hellloo everyone,

    I am a nokia lumia 620 user, kindly help me out in deleting playlist or music that i downloaded from nokia store

    i tried a lot but failed to do so... kindly anyone who can help me out...

    Much thanks
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    Simply install an app named " wp tools" in your nokia lumia and then this app will open in music and videos, then clear music contents music history,

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