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    Its very annoying
  2. BENNIEV's Avatar

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    I'm having the same problem. Haven't been notified of updates for a few weeks now.
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    Same here. If it wasn't for this site I would be running some out dated apps.
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    Store updates are throttled gradually. Based on the device and carrier they seem to be appearing on marketplace live tile. Yes there is a delay unfortunately. But they are eventually landing on our phones :)
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    There was app updates from two weeks ago that I never got for Battery Level, Baconit and Fhotoroom. When I checked the apps individually it's perfect. But the store no longer does this for me. I used to get about a day delay. I haven't see that in about two or three weeks.
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    This is annoying. While waiting for this to be fixed, download WP7applist to check for updates and apps gone free. :)
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    My phone died and when I turned it back on it showed I had 7 updates. Weird
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    This is a tweet from microsoft to fix this issue and worked for me and many
    Unpin the store tile from the start screen,
    Clear IE cache /history,
    Soft reset by pressing and holding the vol down and power buttons,
    After phone reboots, pin the store live tile back to start screen.

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