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    I did the update last evening, and everything seemed to be fine, other than the brightness was set to high. When I left the house this morning I could not connect to anything even though I had a good 3G/LTE signal. I rebooted the phone and it was fine then but when I got back home, it would not connect to the wifi. I've tried all the suggestions I have read, "Keep Wifi on when screen times out" is checked, I've removed the connection and tried to re-add it, I still get the same thing. Blue tooth is, and always has been, turned off. I've turned Wifi off, rebooted, turned it back on and tried re-adding...still the same thing. If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you reset your router?
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    If you go to a public WiFi spot, will it connect? Starbucks, shopping mall etc.?
  4. Bill McEachran's Avatar

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    Haven't tried either yet; I live in Minnesota but am visiting family in Florida right now, don't want to reset their router, it's working perfectly for all their devices. I will try a public hot spot tomorrow.
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    I was able to connect to a public hotspot then came back and reset the router and all is well; so anyone having the same issue just reset your router and you should be just fine.

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