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    Ok, I thought my phone was broken, but maybe not...

    While I was setting up my voicemail, my screen kept going blank. Seemed random, maybe tied to the rotate feature. Did a re-set, no help. But I think I figured it out. I guess the front-facing camera senses something close by, like a face for example, and it turns the screen off. So while I was playing with it, it could "see" my fingers and turned the screen off? Is that correct? I guess that's cool. No need lighting someone's face up while they are on a call. It would certainly help keep someone from getting a ticket in a state where phone use while driving is illegal.

    Note, this only happens when on headset or holding the phone to my ear, not on speakerphone, so I guess it is a real feature. Freaked me out. I was ready for a trip to AT&T to swap it out.
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    the sensor is right next to the front facing camera if you take a light and shine it there you will see or if you go in the sun you will see the sensor..
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    lol, yeah, that's your proximity sensor. :)
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    Yes the sensor turns the screen of when on a call. It also keeps the screen from coming on when you are using voice commands and the device is in your pocket or pouch.
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    It also keeps the screen from coming in for camera button "wake to camera" feature and normal unlock feature when its in a pocket or bag.

    Sent from my Window 8 tablet.
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    Lol, welcome to smartphones.

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