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    It might be too early to say but if Nokia has sold a boatload of phones. With it being on Amazon's best selling list and signs of sellout at some AT&T locations, I wonder what the sales numbers will be? Hopefully this shows that Nokia and WP has some market boost and gain some valuable mindshare.
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    It took me a realy long time to learn this but I did.
    Numbers are only shown when they are realy good or bad.
    It is too early to say anything at this point.
    I don't expect any numbers to come for a month or so, unless offcourse they are realy good :)
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    If I didn't call my AT&T rep ahead of time to hold one for me, all the cyan Lumias would have been sold out by the time I made it to the store at around 2:30 today. They opened at 11am and sold out on the cyans.
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    The Titan did all this too, but it wasn't a long term success. Long term #'s are what is going to matter for Nokia
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    It looks promising from the data I have.

    We won't know for sure until the end of the quarter.

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