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    Why does it seem that the battery for Lumia 900 takes a really long time for the initial charge?

    I received it today, and unpacked it, plugged it in.. it went to 90% fairly quickly, but been that way for about 4.5 hours. The little animation shows it's still charging though.

    Nice looking phone though.
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    Are you using the charger that came with the Lumia 900? You need to use a 1A charger (like the white one included with you phone). After your phones reaches 100%, it will drain to 97-98% and then charge back up to 100% and repeat the process every 20-30 minutes. Is that what you are seeing?

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    Yes, using the original charger that came with it, the Nokia one. The only other one I have it the free car charger that amazon slipped into the box as a gift.

    Out of all the times I've looked back at the phone (it's in the corner of the room.. i'm not near it), it's never reached 100%, at least the precise moment that I checked it. I just see the flashing plug symbol, and the progress very very close to 100 but not there.

    It's probably more than 5 hours plugged in now. I'm wondering if this weirdness is just due to the first-time charge.

    Hopefully Amazon didn't send me someone else's returned phone, where they thought they could slip it through :dry.
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    Well, i just walkd back to it, and I tried unplugging it for the **** of it, then re-plugging it..

    i then heard a little tune, along with the 100% progress. Weird. Whatever. Looks charged now.
    Thanks foir your response

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