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    Are there any Nokia specific apps that you find extremely useful?
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    Nokia drive is amazing.
    Transit is also useful even though at bit slow and hard to understand at first.
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    Nokia drive being able to download the full state of Michigans maps.
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    Nokia drive... The maps for my area are surprisingly very updated and having the maps locally is a huge plus
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    Nokia Drive hands down. Just waiting for a few more features to find their way.

    Live traffic
    Integration with Nokia Maps and IE
    More detailed POIs

    As you can tell I came from Android. It was really hard to leave behind Google Navigation and how well it was tied in with Google Maps and Browser.
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    Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, and Nokia Transit are awesome. It is nice to have free voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation without needing to pay for a subscription to Telenav.

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